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Model: ADS 01 V
Year: 2003
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ASYS ADS 01 V Inline Router

  • Model: ADS 01 V
  • Vintage: 2003

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ASYS ADS 01 M PCB length 360 mm Color basic light Power Supply 3 y 400 V AC Power consumption 4 KW / 9 KW Air pressure 6 bar Air consumption 40 Liter./min Interface Siemens, SMEMA, SMPI, Panasonic, Fuji, Sanyo Transport height 850 mm +/- 50 mm Support margin 2 - 4 mm*** System precision +/- 0,015 mm User Interface German / English The de paneling system is based on a rigid, stable substructure of welded steel construction. Due to its stability, this frame base absorbs the high speeds of the integrated, dynamic linear motors and assures a fast, accurate and smooth operation. A PCB-specific gripper (option) holds the panelized boards during the cutting process and then is used to precisely locate the cut PCBs for subsequent output to carriers, transport segments or a pallet. This process is used for both the printed circuit board as well as the scrap material that may remain. - included in- and outlet conveyor - conveyor length 580mm each - fixed in the router - incl. a lifting unit for lifting up the clusters - without a specific adjusting platform - In-line System manual conveyor width - Linearmotor gantry for X and Y with linear encoders. Brushless DC servomotor for Z - Windows NT based Software, user interface English or German PC-CNC control system with integrated graphic Programming: Teach in or optional CAD Data import - Cutting Method: milling tool - High speed low cost gripper system enables accurate placing into carrier system. - including ionisation unit. - Integrated PC with flat screen - Automatic toolchanger for up to 10 tools (milling only) Technical Data - dimensions: LxWxH 1300x1650x2000mm - PCB size, max.: WxL 460mm x 508 mm - Thickness max.: 5mm - Component height: Topside 60mm, Bottom side 15mm - PCB Centring: with tooling pins (Optional Visionsystem) - Encoder resolution: ± 0,005mm - Accuracy: ± 0,02mm - Repeatability: ± 0,02mm - No. of revolutions: 40.000 - 90.000 1/min - Feed rate: Milling tools up to 6 m/min - Cutting discs up to 12 m/min - Handling speed: up to 60 m/min New custom brushes for reduced dust contamination Rubber piece to reduce dust contamination Shaft tool Spindle (carbide tipped) is used for the separation of pre-milled or stamped PCBs with any profile or contour. This tool can be used on multiple depths: - Control unit for cutting tools with automatic tool change - Automatic tool changer for up to 10 tools - the spindle is a wear and tear part with an estimated life time of 3,000 hours and is not covered under the warranty of the machine. Dust cleaning unit - industrial dust cleaner - type: Ruwac DS 1220 B1-C - sound approved at approx. 70 dB(A) - filter categorie C - ex-safe - incl. additional equipment 23 99.999.999 4.00 Stk 3,250.00 US $ 12,480.00 US $ RUWAC automatic filter cleaner Add on to RUWAC DS 1220 B1-C Auto shake-off device for the vacuum cleaner Incl. motor and controller to clean the filter system automatically Sensor detection upgrade of pick up and drop off sensors to ultrasonic sensors 4 sensors each machine UPS for PC only UPS to shut down PC only in case of a power outage In conjunction with Filter and relay assembly promotes secure PC operation for power outages of up to 1 second Power net filter FN 3258-30-47 400V/30A Loading Conveyor, edge belt, 530mm Unloading Conveyor, edge belt, 530mm Additional variable speed to avoid bouncing against stoppers Mechanical Poka-Yoke on loading conveyor Double check for correct PCB direction Software Upgrades Software upgrades to match most recent ADS01V software and functionality. Including all features included on currently installed ADS01V - timers - sensor verification - new error messages


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