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Model: Orissa 300
Year: 2007
Qty: 1

Pillarhouse Orissa 300

The Orissa uses a belt driven conveyor transport system to load and unload a PCB. The conveyor positions the board against pre-determined stops where the board is then clamped into position. The board is fluxed with the on-board Inkjet or Ultrasonic fluxer, then soldered using Pillarhouse AP-1 interchangeable nozzle tips or small-dedicated nozzles.

There is also an added advanced process control, top side pre-heat available, which allows the user to pre-heat prior to fluxing and soldering; pre-heat during fluxing or soldering; or pre-heat throughout the soldering process. This optional, user-friendly innovation, offers complete flexibility and guarantees that the board is at the optimum temperature for the soldering process.

An X and Y axis positioning system with a carriage supporting the solder bath and flux head is used to position the solder nozzle and flux head in the X and Y axis. A single Z-axis bath lift mechanism raises the solder bath to the required soldering height position and is accurate to 0 .15mm.

The Orissa is SMEMA compatible and is designed for use with other Pillarhouse modular in-line equipment. Safety interlocks provide operator protection during the process, while an integrated stack light indicates the machine status.

Windows® based PillarCOMM® “Point & Click” programming is included. Program and machine configurations are protected by a customer selectable, multi level password security system. The machine is freely programmable to cater to different board layouts; each solder joint is separately programmable to its own set of required parameters. The programming system employs a component data library enabling quantities of similar joints to use the same soldering data outline. Visually assisted and self teach alignment allows for fast and accurate board programming.


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