ASYMTEK D-555 Dispensing System

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Model: D-555
Type: Dispensing System
Year: 02/2006
Qty: 1

Asymtek Dispensemate 555 Dispensing System

  • Model: D-555
  • Vintage: 02/2006
  • Voltage: 240
  • Can be equipped with either DJ-9000 or DV-05 valves; You select per your application requirements
  • Operations manual, software manual, spare parts

The DispenseMate 550 Series brings new dispensing power to a compact package. In a benchtop format, many of today's advanced automated dispensing features are available. It is ideal for batch processing or prototyping.

Two models are offered with different dispensing areas. The 553 model has a combined dispense & vision area of 325 x 325 mm, and the 555 model is 525 x 525 mm.

The DispenseMate 550 platform utilizes the same dispense control technology as some of Asymtek's most advanced dispensing systems. Optional features like automatic pattern recognition and CAD import make the system very useful for today's advanced electronics manufacturing environments.


  • Small footprint
  • Flexible for many dispensing operations
  • Industry-proven FmXP software
  • Digital gages for high accuracy and easy set-up
  • Automatic Pattern Recognition available
  • CAD Import available
  • Scalable for your changing requirements

Recommended Applications

  • Solder Pastes
  • Surface Mount Adhesives
  • Solder Masks
  • Conductive Adhesives
  • Gasketing
  • Lid Sealing
  • Bonding
  • And others...

System Jets, Pumps & Valves

  • The DispenseJet DJ-9000 has a high shot-generation rate, can be cleaned in a few minutes, and has fast changeover of wetted parts.
  • The DV-7000 Heli-flow® pump provides fast, accurate dispensing of medium- to high-viscosity fluids and solder pastes
  • The DV-8000 series Heli-Flow pumps are encoded auger pumps
  • DV-01
  • DV-02
  • DV-03HPA
  • DV-05A
  • DV-07
  • DV-09

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