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Model: K1000
Year: Late Model
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FKN Systek K1000 Circular Blade Depanelizer with Workbench

Model: K1000

All of the K series depanelizers use the same principle of circular blade on circular blade or circular blade on linear blade operation to separate the panels by applying pressure along the remaining material of a scoreline. The blades for the K1000 to the K6000 are flat on one side, so boards with components up to the edge of the scoreline can be separated.

The K1000 is a low cost hand operated depanelizer. The operator places the scoreline of the PCB onto the front bottom blade guard and pushes the board between the upper and lower blade guards towards the two circular blades. The fibers of the web of the scoreline remainder material are split for clean and safe separation of prescored PCBs. Operator safety is assured by front and back blade guards

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