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Model: KISS 104
Year: 2007
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ACE KISS 104 Selective Solder

  • Model: KISS 104
  • Vintage: 2007
  • Voltage: 115/120
  • Two (2) pots - One leaded, one lead-free


The KISS-104 is a fully configured In-Line SMEMA compatible Selective Soldering Machine ready to produce your product. The KISS-104 includes the following standard features:

  • “Super Quick” motion for fastest processing times.
  • Safety cover with internal lighting and fume vents.
  • Universal PCB edge conveyor with program controlled width adjustment, positive PCB location and PCB flattening.
  • Solder pot and pump assembly.
  • Set of “Bullet” nozzles (7 nozzles, 3mm up to 25mm dia.).
  • Heated Nitrogen to the solder nozzle.
  • Windows XP O/S with simple on or off line programming.
  • Rapid setup and time to “first production” using CAD importing or on the machine “teach” functions.
  • Programmable flux deposition.
  • Programmable solder wave flow rate.
  • Automated in process solder wave height check / adjust.
  • Automated solder pot level check and fill.
  • Fiducial alignment prior to starting a process.
  • Set the time/temp profile for each individual component type for maximized process control and TAKT time.
  • Absolute control over all critical process parameters:

                                 - Solder temperature interlocked to within 2 degrees C.

                                 - Height, and travel speed of the solder wave.

                                 - Programmable initial pre-heat soak time

  • Will Process PCBs 18” x 24” unassisted (flux and solder).
  • Step and repeat capability in both X and Y axis for multiple boards in a panel.


PCB Panel Size

  • Minimum Maximum
  • 2” x 2” 18” x 24”
  • (18” x 42” with manual step over)
  • Safe “Keep Away” (distance to adjacent pads) 1mm
  • Motion (Super Quick)
  • Z-Axis Accuracy/Repeatability +/-.002"
  • Speed 0-4” inches/second
  • X and Y Axis Accuracy/Repeatability +/-.002"
  • Speed 0-6 inches/second

Solder Pot

  • Temperature PID proportioning (0-400°C)
  • ± 2°C
  • Solder Capacity 30 lbs.
  • Pump PC controlled

Controls PC with Windows XP O.S.


  • Dimensions 60" wide x 52" deep x 54" high
  • Weight 725 lbs.


  • Power 120VAC/1 Ph/60 Hz 15 amps
  • Air 80 - 90 PSI
  • Nitrogen 15-50 CFH @ 60-70 PSI
  • Exhaust 350 CFM recommended
  • (2) 4” dia. Take-offs at rear panel

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