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Model: 750
Year: Late Model
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Summit Rework Station

  • Model 750BGA
  • JVC CCD Color Camera and Monitor
  • Pre-Heater

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The Optics system combines with a prism system to provide fast and precise board site and component alignment. Component and board images are overlaid and displayed simultaneously on the computer monitor during the part alignment process, allowing direct visual comparison of component and placement site orientations. A split mirror allows the operator to see the extents of even large components and sites at high levels of zoom. The system accommodates BGAs, CCGAs, CSPs, flip chips, and densely leaded components such as QFPs. The Bottom Heater Plenum distributes hot air to the entire bottom surface of the board, maintaining thermal uniformity throughout rework or scavenging activities. Up to three Bottom Heater units can be installed, allowing for large board rework. The Top Heater Nozzle then gently raises the temperature of the component and the adjacent area of the board, allowing solder reflow without affecting other areas of the board or other components. The SierraMate™ for Microsoft Windows® control software combines advanced engineering features with easy-to-use operator screens. The operator can easily perform predefined process routines by choosing from lists for the type of board, the site to be serviced, and the process sequence. They then click the GO button and the automated procedure executes.

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