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Model: UV-6
Type: OVEN
Year: 2007
Qty: 1

Asymtek UV Select Cure In-line Curing Oven

  • Model: UV-6
  • Vintage: 2007

Nordson ASYMTEK's Select Cure inline UV oven with modular design is ideal for topside curing in mid- to high- volume production. Using ultraviolet light as

the primary cure method, the oven module has five configurations. Lamp width controls the cure area.


  • Modular configuration for curing topside of PCBs
  • Runs cooler - safer and better for electronic components
  • Minimal maintenance - simple construction and operation
  • Safety interlocks, E-stop button and 6-button operator panel allow safe, efficient operation
  • UV lamp size and focal height are configurable to meet specific application requirements
  • CE Certified

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