Factory transition phase, downsizing or re-deploying asset services from RECON offering several tiers of options to re-coup your investment costs.


RECON.INC capabilities include providing Valuation and Services related to disposition of excess Inventories of SMT Assembly equipment & Test, industrial equipment, and peripherals.

If your factory is in a transition phase, downsizing or re-deploying assets RECON offers several tiers of options to re-coup your investment cost.

  • Detailed Appraisals include onsite inspections to gather specifications of the assets, record conditions, and meet with key company personnel to discuss the unique characteristics of their operation, machinery & equipment and/or inventory. These types of valuations include a detailed listing of the subject property.

  • Desktop Opinions are conducted without the benefit of an inspection of the assets. In these instances, we rely upon detailed descriptive information provided by the client and/or company to determine value. To ensure the accuracy and reliability of our findings, we establish whether or not there is enough information to conduct a Desktop Appraisal, before beginning an assignment.

Leasing companies: Contact Recon – we can purchase quickly your end of lease equipment and peripherals

Recon with over 14 years experience in disposition of SMT assembly equipment, test, industrial and industry peripherals – knows the current market value.

This is augmented by a staff of technical experts in a given product line – which our competitors typically lack.
Our team can explain in technical terms the value of your asset based on a variety of key indicators.

Manufacturers such as below is some of which our team is well verse, financially, and technically.

Speedline MPM      ERSA     Vitronics Soltec    DEK     EKRA     PVA    Asymtek     Universal

Siemens       FUJI       Mirae     HP      Nicolet – xray     SCS      MyData      Panasonic

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