EQUIPMENT LEASING – INNOVATIVE CUSTOMER FINANCE OPTIONS offers a leasing option to our customers.

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Crest Capital Equipment Leasing

American business has been recognizing the advantage of leasing, hence the increase of its use. Primarily the value adds lies in the ability to upgrade equipment in conjunction with a defined schedule to optimize the residual value of your capital investment.

Recon will work diligently to calculate this timing working closely with key contacts at your firm.

Theses aspects along with keeping funds in house for growth and expansion are responsible for a 31% increase in capital equipment purchases via lease since 2001 according to the Equipment Leasing Associations research.

More companies, especially small companies opt to lease as opposed to a loan.

Loans typically require a substantial down payment, carry the risk of equipment devaluation due to new technology, usually require collateral, which none of the above is associated with leasing.

There are a variety of leasing options tailored to fit your business. Whether you are a small to medium size business, manufacturer or re-seller.

Ask your sales representative for details, today.