MPM Screen Printers by Speedline Technologies

Speedline MPM Screen Printers

Speedline MPM Screen Printers are available from Recon Inc. We also sell and service Speedline MPM Screen Printers equipment.



Recon has more than just refurbished MPM printers. Recon has spare parts, offers support, installation and training. Request a quote for Speedline MPM Screen Printers and MPM stencil printers today!


The MPM line of precision stencil printers has brand new technologies inside. having low cost in maintenance, high yields & throughput.


MPM offers 12.5 micron @ 6 sigma accuracy with all MPM printers.

MPM features:

  • Automatic Pin Placement
  • Look-up/look-down vision alignment
  • Closed-loop print pressure control
  • Enclosed-pump print head technology
  • Texture-based bridge inspection
  • Gel-Flex conformal tooling
  • Parallel Processing, Edgeloc™
  • Advanced board and stencil 2-D inspection
  • Process verification and traceability
  • Adjustable Stencil Shelves
  • Benchmark operating software is a wholly owned division of Mankind Electronics Machinery LLC © ™

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