Speedline Technologies MPM Screen Printers

We buy and sell used Speedline Technologies MPM Screen Printers! Our huge in-house inventory of Speedline Technologies MPM Screen Printers is updated daily! We also sell and service SMT assembly equipment.

Request a quote for Speedline Technologies MPM Screen Printers and Speedline Technologies screen printers from other SMT manufacturers today:

Speedline Technologies MPM offers 12.5 micron @ 6 sigma accuracy with all MPM printers.

MPM Printer features:

  • Automatic Pin Placement
  • Look-up/look-down vision alignment
  • Closed-loop print pressure control
  • Enclosed-pump print head technology
  • Texture-based bridge inspection
  • Gel-Flex conformal tooling
  • Parallel Processing, Edgeloc™
  • Advanced board and stencil 2-D inspection
  • Process verification and traceability
  • Adjustable Stencil Shelves
  • Benchmark operating software

The MPM line of precision stencil printers has brand new technologies inside. having low cost in maintenance, high yields & throughput.



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